Summer Course Class

Aim(s) of the Course :

This course aims to underline the fundamentals of agri-food industry by examining its various aspects such as sustainability and sustainable production, supply chain management, circular economy, food regulation, global warming, environmental concern, waste management.

Learning Outcomes of the Course:

On the successfully completion of this course, all students will have developed knowledge and understanding of:

  • European Union as a supranational organization.
  • The students in the agri-food production field will understand the EU-Politics and public structure effect on sustainability. Food and other related issues are an important academic filed in the EU and this awareness level will expand their knowledge, open up their evaluations regarding EU and add academic EU background to their personal and academic perspectives.
  • Food Technology students will understand and evaluate the transnational integration of the subject which led the gradual Europeanization of national as well as issue-specific public spheres.

Course Content:

The course will be important information source for the EU politics, agri-food production systems, sustainability, supply chain management, waste treatment strategies, energy efficient production, etc.

University Elective Course Syllabus